Food Hero: MBG gets local with Qatari Chef Nawal Al Sayed

Written by Kim Wyatt

What is a Food Hero?

A Food Hero is a creative thinker with a deep passion for food combined with an entrepreneurial and trailblazing spirit. At ILQ we love our Food Heroes and want to celebrate their achievements both at home and abroad.

Have you ever tried delicious Qatari food such as majbous or thareed? Ever sampled karak or harees? For a country full of five star hotels, fast food chains and global cuisines, Qatari cuisine is sometimes overwhelmed by other foodie offerings. 

In our third Food Hero episode of Mama Baba Ganoush, I sat down with the inspiring Nawal Al Sayed – a Qatari chef who’s bringing local cuisine to the world through her deliciously tantalising and classic Qatari recipes. 

The guest chef at the W Doha Hotel & Residences for their Ramadan tent, Chef Nawal, is a self-taught cook with a passion for art that is beautifully reflected in the creativity of her food. From a young age Chef Nawal was inspired by her parents, particularly her father, and now serves up classic Qatari food with her own unique and modern twist.

In this episode, I take a tour of her kitchen where she whips up fantastic creations such as pickles, chilli pastes, chutneys and jams plus a classic Qatari dessert! Chef Nawal describes Qatari cuisine as simple and fresh – using the best of local ingredients that she grew up with. From freshly caught fish bought at the market to desert truffles and edible cactus, Chef Nawal’s unique twist on Qatari food shows the passion for her heritage that she wants to share with future generations and the world. 

So let’s take a look at one of the nation’s Food Heroes and have an exclusive peek inside her kitchen and home for a Taste of Qatar! 

About Chef Nawal Al Sayed


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