[exclusive] Mr. Q checks out the World Cup Plane in Qatar and Unveils the Trophy

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Yes indeed everyone, I've had the great opportunity to check out the World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca Cola plane.
It was a great event and an amazing chance to see the Trophy that teams around the world will be football battling here in Qatar for 2022!

The great thing is that for the next few days people will have the chance to see it, especially at the Timbah tournament happening at Darb Al Sai. (That's a special event for National Day happening now!)

December is a special month because it was Dec 2 that Qatar was announced to be the host country for 2022, Dec 18 is our National Day, and December is the month where the Arab world united through football :D

Shout out to the Qatar Football Association and all their hard work, Coca Cola, Memac Ogilvy, and all the great people who are working hard on the World Cup.

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