Empowering Women [Karak Mini - E3]

Our third Karak Mini! Short clips of Individual's sharing their passion and positive story here in Qatar.

This Karak Mini - Caroline Zeitler Founder of Tataowar Coaching Consulting and How women Work. 

Carolin Zeitler has set herself the goal to empower women around her (as well as herself) to grow and succeed. She has started several initiatives to achieve this goal, first and foremost the How Women Work Community with its annual conference, monthly workshops and events, and active social media forums. With her Coaching & Consulting business, Tataowar, Carolin reaches out to high potential women, who are striving towards or establishing themselves in leadership roles and organizations that want to improve their employee engagement.

To find our more about the How Women work network at to get involved, please click the link below! http://hwwqatar.com

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