Doha Qatar ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - We challenge three cities!


So here's the deal, we decided to do something cool; a 'city challenge'. In just a day we managed to put the word out and got a great turn out of over 100 people who poured in to support the cause.


The THREE cities we challenged are DUBAI, MANILA, and BEIRUT. If you're from there, make sure to spread the word. You have THREE days to respond. (We wanted to give you time to get the word out).


Everyone that came to volunteer had to make a donation, there was no minimum. By the end of the splashing we collected around 1,000 Dollars (specifically around 3,400 Qatari Riyals which we rounded up). To add to this, any revenue we make off of YouTube monetization of this video will also be added to the pot.


Want to donate yourself? Visit

Don't waste! We decided to use Sea Water to minimize water wastage. Not everybody has the luxury of going to sea, so if you're going to use tap/hose water, try doing the challenge over grass for example, that way you're watering the grass too. Another idea is to use pool water and then do it over the pool. I'm sure you can get creative.

We had a great time and we hope everyone enjoyed their time with us too!

Special thanks to St. Regis Doha for the venue, ice and support!

Also a big shout out to Alex Klim Productions for putting this together.

Total # of puns in this description: 3