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Qatar Unveils Al Khor's World Cup Stadium (World's biggest tent?)

Qatar unveiled the latest stadium designs for the stadium to be built in Al Khor. Called Al Bayt (The House), it's designed to look like a traditional desert camping tent. 

Think the World Cup in Qatar will be a problem? Read this!

This is something that really blows my mind. When I read articles about Qatar and why the country should lose the World Cup, I'm shocked at the amount of utter rubbish written.

Qatar ‘willing to hire 180,000 Nepali workers this year’

Qatar is willing to take as many as 180,000 Nepali workers this year, though there has been a demand for diversifying the source of the expatriate workforce in the country, according to a news website.

Qatar Photo by Nigel Downes

[OPINION] Unfair Officiating: Double Standards in FIFA World Cup Press Coverage of Qatar

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicking off last week in Brazil, international media coverage