World Cat Day

QAWS: The Animal Shelter That Gives But Also Needs to Receive

The ILQ team also paid a visit to QAWS and found out a little more about what they do and how they offer help to abandoned or stray animals. Read on to learn more about QAWS!

Meet Our Demands, or Else!

We are back with our first set of demands. That's right, there will be more. So pay attention.

ILQ Pays a Visit to Doha's Very Own Parkview Pet Center

The ILQ team recently visited Parkview Pet Center and learned a lot about its services and facilities! Read on to find out more about its story and message to current and potential pet-owners!

What You Can Do to Help Stray Cats and Kittens in Qatar

Have you ever come across a stray cat or kitten, or even worse sick or injured strays? Read on to find out how you can take care of these poor helpless kitties in Qatar!

Benefits of owning a cat in Qatar

For those of us who are away from home and family, life in Qatar can be hard without a loving companion. That's one of many benefits of being owned by a cat. Yes. They own you. Not the other way around.

I Love Qatar is Ours

Resistance is Futile

Today is World Cat Day! You are in for a treat

8 August 2002 was when the International Fund of Animal Welfare (rightly) decided to honor cats and make the World more aware of their greatness.