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10 Interesting Facts about the new National Museum of Qatar

For all art fanatics like me; there is a new fantastic museum in the making in sight!

10 Super Easy Ways to Make Qatar Greener

It's time for another Top 10 list! This time, we're all about creative ways to help Qatar become a greener country. Some of the stuff here is super simple. Think you can do what it takes? Read on!

10 Interesting Facts about Hamad International Airport

A lot of us are excited about the new Airport launching. Hopefully it means more structure, more parking, better facilities, and they'll ban the hundreds of people who stand outside of the Airport exit either trying to get you to ride in an illegal taxi or simply just chilling there.

Top 10 Countries with the fastest Internet in 2016

Check out the top 10 countries with the fastest internet in the world.

10 Ways To Hide Your Food During Ramadan

It is Ramadan, the Holy Month and while some of you have been fasting for years, others are fasting for the first or second time this year.

The 10 most fascinating animals in Qatar

Even though Qatar seems like a place that doesn’t allow too many animal species to exist, there are quite a few that find their permanent home here or reside in the warm winter months in Qatar. Most of these animals are rather rare and shy.