Sameer Ali Ahmed: Conquering Cancer and Mountains

We recently met up with Sameer Ali Ahmed, founder of Climb Over Cancer Qatar, an organization set up to prove to the world that people who have, or had, cancer can do incredible things. Read on to learn more about his motivating story!

World Innovation Summit For Health to Host Islamic Ethics Panel at 2016 Conference

The Islamic Ethics Panel will discuss questions surrounding the genomics revolution in the Gulf region from an Islamic ethical perspective. Read on to find out more about the summit!

Five Companies Selected for the WISE Accelerator

For the past week or so the WISE Learning Festival has been in full swing at Katara, and it's been amazing. If you haven't checked it out yet it is well worth a visit.

Al Jazeera to Host “Future of Media – Leaders’ Summit”

Cover photo:

QTA hosts first Quarterly Framework Marketing Summit of 2016

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) hosted its Quarterly Framework Marketing Summit for the first quarter of 2016, in which heads of QTA representative offices abroa