Aqua Park: 3 day event with various entertainment for Eid

Aqua Park Qatar
6 July / 10:00 am

Scorching temperatures to continue

Scorching conditions will continue in the country today, especially in the southern and central areas where the mercury level is expected to reach 48C or higher, the Qatar Met Department has said.

Summer Camp - Inspirational 66

TCA Qatar, c-ring road, doha
10 July / 8:00 am

Summer Festival | Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Melia Doha Hotel, West Bay, Doha
2 June / 9:00 pm

Car Tint : the answer to Qatar's notorious summer?

How do we know it's summer in Qatar? I know it when that one day I take a break to go to lunch, get in my car and feel like I've stepped into an oven and if I try to get out I get burnt by the door handle, the seat belt buckle, the steering wheel and basically everything I come in contact with.

Enjoy up to 25 per cent off in the Qatar Airways holidays super summer sale

GCC residents can enjoy discounted global travel on exclusive holiday packages during May

Qatar is among the sunniest spots on the planet

According to two scientists who are working on a project studying the global cloud coverage, Qatar is one of the sunniest countries of the world.

Oryx Rotana September Offers and Promotions

Jazz Club