Skincare Tips for Summer Months in Qatar

Summer is pounding on Qatar and it is here to stay. Here are some after effective tips to try after being out on a sunny day.

ILQ guide: The Vacation Wardrobe

We all know how stressful packing up for a vacation can be. On multiple occasions you end up packing more things than you need. Here is a guide that will sure help you pack better.

How to prevent and treat a heat stroke

Among the many illnesses and health conditions that people face in summer, heat stroke or sunstroke is one of the most serious.

5 Box Sets to watch this Summer

Whatever your plans are for the summer months, there is probably going to be a point at which you find yourself with some free time. Why not use it to catch up on one of these must see box sets?

Check out the list of events happening in Qatar this week

The summer months in Qatar can seem to be a little slow, but ILQ is always there to jazz up your life. Check out our list of events for the week and get busy!

Summer Fashion - Look Hot AND Stay Cool

In Doha people may find it hard to both look good and not suffocate from the extreme heat. It’s totally understandable that there’s a certain way to dress, and not to dress, particularly in adherence to cultural and religious norms.

Tips to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh during the Doha Summer

Since it’s officially summer we know the plight of most women in Doha’s extreme heat is melting and runny makeup. Totally understand why women get annoyed or frustrated (myself included), particularly if your face beat is on point before you step out of your house, and after the wave hits it’s just a coalescence of what seemingly “was” a work of art. We've come up with a few helpful ways to prevent you from looking like a runny painting.

Fun Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

“Brace yourselves, summer is coming.” Au contraire, it’s already here. Yes, it’s that much dreaded season of the year again, mainly because the temperatures skyrocket to a high of 45 degrees celsius and above.

COMPETITION TIME! Find ‘IloveQatar’ and win a prize

The IloveQatar team went out for a weekend trip and while out on different locations we stuck ILQ logos in some hidden places. Now, we challenge you, our readers to go and find these logos. We have a special surprise for the one who can spot all the four hidden logos.

Things To Do in Doha this Eid al-Adha: August 27 - September 3

It's almost Eid al-Adha! Here’s our special Eid edition of Things To Do in Doha! Check out ILQ’s listings, we guarantee they'll be worth your while! Read on to find out more!