WE TRIED BRITISH SNACKS! (Jaffa Cakes and more!!)

ILQ Test Drive: We tried British snacks! (Marmite and Jaffa Cakes??)


We're back with another episode of trying weird stuff! Check it out for some laughs!

DIY Japanese Candy-Sushi???

ILQ Test Drive: DIY Japanese candy-sushi???


Check out the latest episode of our Test Drive. We tried something truly weird in this one! 

Australian snacks: Omg, we ate kangaroo and emu!?!?

ILQ Test Drive: We ate kangaroo and emu?!


This week on the ILQ Test Drive, we try snacks from the ‘Land Down Under’, also known as Australia! Watch it here!

Going maritime with snacks from Nova Scotia, Canada!

The ILQ Test Drive tries Maritime snacks from Nova Scotia!


You might have seen our Canadian snacks Test Drive, but in our latest episode the team experiences the flavors of Nova Scotia - a small eastern and maritime Canadian province! 

[ILQ Test Drive] Get ready to lose your appetite! Watch, if you dare!

The ILQ Test Drive tries Taiwanese snacks! (Beware! Watch if you dare!)


In our newest episode of the ILQ Test Drive the team tries Taiwanese snacks! This is probably our most daring Test Drive yet! Watch the video… if you think you can handle it!

The ILQ Test Drive tries Filipino snacks!

It’s the ILQ Test Drive’s fourteenth episode and the team tries out popular Filipino-favorite snacks! Read on to watch the video and learn more!

The ILQ Test Drive munches on Canadian snacks, eh?! Sorry, not sorry!

In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive, the team tries Canadian snacks! Watch our video and learn more about some of Canada's most beloved and popular snacks!

Expats try Qatari snacks - The ILQ Test Drive

Get ready for the third episode of the ILQ Test Drive! In our latest episode we give you a little taste of Doha by trying out some of the most popular Qatari snacks! Read on to learn more and check out our video!

Starry Movie Night at Four Seasons Hotel Doha

Starry Movie Night at Four Seasons Hotel Doha