Red Bull’s T3 Buggy Race makes its Qatar début

The nation’s top dune racers are set to tear up the sand at Sealine on March 3, 2017 as the Red Bull Qaher El T3ous Buggy Race makes it Qatar premiere. ILQ is excited to be an official media partner and brings you all the details.  

Experience bliss at the Beach Resorts in Qatar

Life's a beach they say, but the fast paced life in this futuristic city can really worn you out. However, Doha also has the right cure for your fatigue, physical or mental. The long coastline that the country is gifted with is dotted with a number of Beach Resorts that act as a perfect destination to unwind, have fun and party with family and friends.

Jellyfish plays spoilsport on Sealine

Several visitors to the Sealine beach experience their leisure trips ending with stings by jellyfish. For some beachgoers their weekend outings turned into a nightmare and they decided to avoid the beach in future.

Man drowns off Sealine beach

A man drowned in the sea off Sealine beach yesterday while taking a swim.

Police got a call and patrols from Al Faza and Lekhwiya rushed to the beach.

Investigation continues.

HMC officially opens Sealine Medical Clinic

The HMC official urged campers and others who frequent the area to respect safety and security procedures and to take the necessary precautions when enjoying recreational activities.

Beach Daze

19 May 2017 - 20 May 2017 / 1:00 pm

Best Beaches to Visit in Qatar (Updated)

Summer time is creeping up on Doha fast, and naturally we want to make the best out of the good weather before the heatwave hits. Right now is ideal beach weather, so we’ve come up with some great beaches to hit up either over the weekend or, if you want more privacy, anytime during the week.

Sealine Cross Country Rally April 2015

18 April / All Day

Qatar Interntional Endurocross

14 March / 12:00 pm

Qatar International Endurocross Round 3

19 February / 12:30 pm