Saudi Arabia

Qatar's Emir speaks to Saudi Crown Prince amid ongoing GCC dispute

Al Jazeera reports that the Qatari and Saudi leaders express willingness to start talks in phone call, but apparent protocol dispute causes hiccup. Click here to learn more! 

Dispatches from Dubai: I stand with Qatar but I'm not allowed to say it

One UAE resident speaks out on the extent and impact of the media campaign against Qatar in the second installment of our exclusive Dispatches from Dubai op-ed series. Click here to read more!

Look at what the World did for Qatar! MUST WATCH

FRESH VIDEO: Look at what the world did for Qatar!


We called and the world answered. From throughout the country and across the globe, people have sent in their video submissions to ILQ expressing their solidarity for this nation that many of us call home -- Qatar.

Watch as faces young and old, near and far, share their feelings, hopes, and support for Qatar in its time of need. Qatar, we stand with you.

The real truth about what's happening in Qatar

We've translated and sub-titled a clip from an Egyptian television interview with an Egyptian expatriate currently living in Qatar that paints a very different picture about life in Qatar this week after the recent diplomatic fallout. It's important that we as a community share these stories of truth with so much misinformation being spread. Click here to watch the video. 

Qatar has a plan for food supplies, so you don't have to stock up!

The State of Qatar has a plan for food products and their movement in the wake of today's diplomatic fallout events! So there's no need to stock up!

Qatar denies Arab states’ air corridor claim

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, which have tried to isolate Qatar, said on Sunday they would allow Qatari planes to use air corridors in emergencies, but Doha denied it, saying they were spreading “false information”.

Saudi Arabia slaps curbs on Qatari Haj pilgrims

In a statement, the Saudi Haj ministry said Qatari pilgrims arriving by plane must use airlines in agreement with the Saudi authorities.

'More than 13,000 people hit by decision to severe ties'

The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) of Qatar has announced that at least 13,314 people were directly affected by the decision of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to sever relations with Qatar.

A traveler's guide to Hajj

One of our writers came up with a travel guide to make the lives of travelers going on the Hajj pilgrimage more efficient! Read on to find out more about the guide!

Saudi Arabia to build new bridges to Bahrain, Qatar

Two bridges connecting Saudi Arabia with Bahrain and Qatar via Al Ahsa are expected to be built in the near future, local media have reported.