Road Safety

Who ya gonna call? Tracking traffic violations in Qatar

With the 33rd GCC Traffic Week underway, ILQ’s Rumana Shaikh explores how the Metrash2 app can save you a trip to the Ministry of Interior when it comes to reporting and tracking traffic violations on Qatar’s roads.  

Fresh video: Staying safe on the road with Siemens

Mr. Q and Charlie are out for a leisurely drive around town and some quality bonding time. Charlie’s pretty excited to be sitting in the front seat, but what really perks his ears up while waiting at that red light is learning how Siemens is at the forefront of traffic technology solutions.

Doha is Flooded - Serious Implications for a Rainy Day

Qatar has experienced some heavy rain during the morning of November 24. As it continues to rain, streets, houses and schools are flooding.

Road safety campaign ‘Make it Click Qatar’ concludes with tremendous support from community

ConocoPhillips marked the successful culmination of #MakeItClickQatar – a unique national road safety drive launched in collaboration with BMW Qatar

Students for Road Safety visits Zekrit Primary Independent School for Girls

As part of its efforts to develop a positive road safety culture amongst Qatar’s youth, Students for Road Safety has visited Zekrit Primary Independent School for Girls in Doha, where st