road rage

ILQuiz: We ‘drive’ you mad to find out how bad your Doha road rage is!

Chances are if you’ve spent any length of time in Qatar, you’ve either experienced or been guilty of a little bit of good ol’ road rage. But how extra are you when it comes to expressing your feelings behind the wheel? Take our ILQuiz and find out!

Your Guide to Off-roading in Qatar

Off-roading is essentially the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on uneven roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain.

First ‘solar roadway’ to come up in US

Sections of the famous Route 66 highway in the United States, extending from Chicago to Los Angeles, are set to be paved with solar panels.

Planning a vacation? Here are some tips for a safe travel

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has offered tips on a wide range of travel-related issues. The advisory, “Tips for Safe Travel”, lists a series of dos and don’ts for people who would travel in the coming weeks to ensure their safety.

New bridge to ensure smooth traffic from HIA & Al Wakra

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) on Monday opened a new bridge extending from the F-Ring Road to Mesaimeer Road. This bridge provides a direct route to Abu Hamour, Al Mamoura and Salwa Road.

Fast & The Furious - Exotic Cars in Qatar

Listing a few of the rarest cars that are found in Qatar. You've probably already noticed these beauties on the road!

Doha is Flooded - Serious Implications for a Rainy Day

Qatar has experienced some heavy rain during the morning of November 24. As it continues to rain, streets, houses and schools are flooding.

Ashghal blamed for traffic chaos on Doha roads

Members of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) are highly critical of the Public Works Authority and say the blame for traffic snarls on Doha roads should go solely to it.

Strict security measures to be implemented during QND celebrations

Make sure to follow the rules on QND! Read on to learn more!

Temporary Partial Closure on Arab League Street

Temporary partial closure on Arab League St. heading north starting Thursday night 3 Nov to Sun morning 6 Nov 2016. Read on for more details.