7 days of kindness for a virtuous Ramadan

In the spirit of charity and giving back to the community this Ramadan, we’ve compiled daily acts of kindness that can help others and ourselves this Holy Month. So why not take part in these simple acts of charity that go a long way? Click here to read more! 

Things you should try doing this week of Ramadan

We are already halfway through the month of Ramadan and the festivities are on in full swing. So, ILQ thought of providing you with a simple weekly guide to help you plan the days of this festive month.

FACT: Vimto is the most consumed beverage during Ramadan.

Ramadan begins on Monday and Muslims around the world are preparing to abstain from eating and drinking during daylight for a month – and a certain British soft drink will play a major role.

#QTip: What's Taraweeh?

#QTip: What's Taraweeh?


You might have heard of people going to Taraweeh during Ramadan. We thought you'd like to know what it is :)

Visit http://www.ramadan.qa for tents and events happening in Qatar.

Watch on YouTube too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5v2ldOCE4E


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