Staples of Ramadan: The top 10 health benefits of dates

We see them everywhere across Arabia and, for centuries, the mighty date has long been a staple that’s sustained its civilizations. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims traditionally break their fast with dates due to their rich sugar content. However, there are many other health benefits to this majestic fruit that you may not know of…. Want to know more? Give us a click!

MBG - Hits the Streets of Arabia (on camel-back!) at Qatar's Doha Marriott

Camels, falcons, and Qatari culture at the Doha Marriott


On this episode of our weekly food series, Mama Baba Ganoush checks out the unique Ramadan offerings at the Doha Marriott – and makes some new four-legged friends to boot. Oh, and we’re giving away a sohour for two -- so go on, give us a click!

Flavours of Ramadan at the Four Seasons Doha

There’s no shortage to be found in Doha of lush and lavish Ramadan tents where you can break your fast at iftar, or linger with family and friends at an elegant sohour. However, there are those select few standouts that you just can’t help but find yourself returning too throughout the Holy Month. Case in point? The Four Seasons Doha. Click here to read our full review!

How expats embrace Ramadan in Qatar

Whether you’re a Muslim who’s observing Ramadan, or a non-Muslim expat learning more about its traditions for the first time, Qatar’s diverse community embraces the Holy Month in a variety of ways. ILQ’s Wajeeha Malik shows us how we all can celebrate in its customs.  

Things To Do in Doha: June 4 - June 11

Check out ILQ's event listings for this week! We guarantee they'll be worth your while! Read on to find out more! This month is extra special as we're covering Ramadan-related events!

#Ramadan #QTip:  Reasons women should (or could) break their fast

#Ramadan #QTip: Reasons women should (or could) break their fast


In Ramadan, people are supposed to fast, we all know that, but it's also important that you take care of yourself and don't put yourself in harms way. So here's a list of reasons when you can (or must) break your fast.

1- Sick (If you need to take medicine and stay hydrated)

2- Pregnant (To keep up your energy)

3- Menstruation (You're not allowed to fast)

4- Breastfeeding (You have the option to)

But don't forget you'll need to make it up after Ramadan :)


Your weekly acts of kindness for a benevolent Ramadan

Can’t get enough of ILQ’s acts of kindness for Ramadan? Want to try to master them all, together with your friends and family? Or, are you simply challenging yourself to be the very best and kindest? Click here for our second week of good deeds you can be practicing this Ramadan.


ILQ Competition: Win an iftar for two at the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha!

We're back with another Ramadan competition giveaway folks! This time we're inviting one lucky winner to revel in the Arabian grandeur of the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha's Wanassa Ramadan Tent with an iftar for two! Want to enter? Click here! 

Top 5 Qatar Events (June 1 - June 3, 2017)

The Weekend Roundup: Top guide to events in Qatar (June 1 - June 3)


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Zomato Qatar’s Top-Five Spots For Lunch During Ramadan

Not fasting? That’s OK! There are many spots open during the day in Ramadan for you to enjoy – and our friends over at Zomato Qatar have compiled their top-five choices for day-time bites.