How Ramadan is felt, practiced and thought of all over the World

This holy month has been filled with fun activities, insightful lectures, culturally enriching events, delicious iftars, nourishing suhoor recipes and lots of family and friends quality time. We have gained and expanded our knowledge about Ramadan and know more about Islam and how Ramadan is felt, practiced and thought of in Qatar.

Your 7 Good Deeds for the third Week of Ramadan

The third week was introduced with Garangao and marked the second half of Ramadan. By now, many Muslims have read the Qur’an once or even more and continue to read it over until the end of Ramadan.

Ramadan charity to do while grocery shopping!

One word you will often hear during Ramadan is Zakat. During the holy month some contribution of one’s annual salary is made for a charitable or religious cause. The word Zakat literally translates to “to cleanse” or “to purify” and is meant to purify your wealth for the will of God.

Yezenia Navarro: Supermom, Supermodel, and Superhuman

With a number of international beauty pageant titles under her belt and being a full-time mom to three boys, Doha resident Yezenia Navarro is also the founder of Queens Without Scars, an organization that raises awareness on violence against women.

How to host the perfect Iftar

Breaking the fast is something you wait the whole day for. So are you friends and your family. One of my favorite things ever has become hosting an iftar during this holy month.

Your 7 Good Deeds for the first Week of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is about so much more than just fasting. It is about seeking knowledge, reading the Qur’an, getting closer to God, spending time with the self, friends and family, charity and doing good.

Get ready for Katara’s Sporty Beach Championships!

Are you a Football Fan or Volleyball enthusiast? Either way you can take part in a beachy Championship for both sports starting next week in Katara.

Ramadan in Qatar: All you need to know

Ramadan 2016 begins on Monday and for many people new in Qatar, the knowledge about Ramadan and the happenings related to it, is very limited. So we thought of highlighting the true meaning and essence of the occasion.