Ramadan 2017

ILQ’s complete guide to what changes during Ramadan

The holiest month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is an auspicious time throughout the Muslim world. In Qatar, with it’s large expat population, this means that people from many diverse walks of life have the opportunity to share in and experience its traditions. For those who are experiencing Ramadan in Qatar for the first time, ILQ’s Wajeeha Malik brings you some insights on what you need to know when it comes to elements of daily life that change throughout the Holy Month.

Ramadan.qa: Your complete guide to Ramadan in Qatar!

With the start of the Holy Month coming up this weekend, ILQ is proud to announce the launch of this year’s Ramadan.qa website – the official site of Ramadan in Qatar. Want to learn more, click here and make our sister site your trusty guide to the Holy Month!

Ramadan expected to begin on Saturday, May 27

Qatar Calendar House announces that the Holy Month of Ramadan will begin on Saturday, May 27 – a day later than many have anticipated. Click here to learn more!

Ramadan working hours for the public sector officially announced

Want to know how long the working day will be for those in the public sector this Ramadan? Give us a click here!


Ramadan recipes: Simple sweet syrup from Qatari dates!

With Ramadan just around the corner, Mama Baba Ganoush gets back in the kitchen to whip up a super simple, healthy, and delicious date syrup – a sugary staple for any iftar or sohour!

#Ramadan #QTip: Breaking your fast in public tents

#Ramadan #QTip: Breaking your fast in public tents


Special thanks to Al Rayyan Hotel (located near Mall of Qatar) for hosting us! They've got this great modern Qatari style decor, and some really cool restaurants too. So check them out!  Al Rayyan Hotel.

You probably noticed that there are these tents that pop up around the country. Some of them are privately set up, some are put up by the country (usually with a public sign), and some are corporate (and for the public). 

Ramadan at Hilton Fawanees tent

Hilton, Doha
27 May / 6:30 pm

Ramadan Sports Festival 2017

Aspire, Doha
1 June / 9:30 pm

Katara Ramadan Festival

Katara Cultural Village, Doha
27 May / 10:00 am

Ramadan 2017: Opening Hours Guide

A lot changes during the Holy Month – especially timings for restaurants, shops, retail outlets, and government sector and other public services. ILQ has compiled a working guide to Ramadan timings in Qatar for you to have at your fingertips. We’ll also keep updating and adding more timings as they’re confirmed! So give us a click to read on, and be sure to check out Ramadan.qa the official website for the Holy Month in Qatar!