Ramadan 2016

The Evolution of the Abaya: Doha's Very Own Designers

Instagram is the go-to platform to showcase different fashion designers. Check out Doha's very own abaya fashion designers who are literally revolutionizing the game.

Top Ramadan Apps for Your Phones

We live in an age where you can literally access and do anything from the comfort of your own phones.

Iftar and Suhoor at Shangri-La Hotel Doha’s Ramadan Tent: A Delicious Bargain

Shangri-la's Ramadan tent provides great ambiance, delicious food, and five-star service, not to mention a very unique dining experience.

Doha’s Best Makeup Artists on Instagram

I know of many women who struggle with the art of makeup application. If you want your makeup to slay during your Ramadan evenings or for Eid, check out our list of makeup artists!

The Khaleeji Blogger Movement

If there ever was a glass ceiling in the realm of being social media influencers, these women have shattered it. Khaleeji women are totally changing the blogging game, regardless of criticisms and negativity over cultural norms.

Where to have Iftar? There's an App for that!

There is an app for everything, and one to find where to have Iftar this Ramadan is no different!

Ramadan Fashion: Where to Find Jalabiyas and Kaftans

One thing I’ve always admired is how women dress during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Everything is more colorful and fancy, more particularly in the evenings at family gatherings, or at exclusively women’s gatherings.

Activities Everyone Can Partake in During Ramadan

Both non-Muslims and Muslims should avail of this month in terms of bridging cultural gaps. We’ve come up with some ideas of things to do for both people who fast and don’t fast.

The St. Regis Doha Captures the Spirit of Ramadan with beIN

Guests will be able to choose from The St. Regis Ramadan Souq for Iftar and Suhour, as well as Suhour at Al Sukaria, with all-day dining available at Opal by Gordon Ramsay