#QTip: The Problem with Driving in Qatar

#QTip: The Problem with Driving in Qatar


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Let's face it, one of your least favourite things to do in Qatar is to drive. Some people think that indicating is an option, some people think it's alright to play connect the dots with cars while on the highway, and worse yet, some people think that turning left while they're on the far right lane is actually ok. In fact, it's YOUR fault for being in the way.

#QTip: Taking care of animals in Qatar

#QTip: Taking care of animals in Qatar


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It's time to talk about Animals! A lot of people want to know who they can reach out to when it comes to Animal Welfare. There are loads of amazing people in Qatar that are also volunteering their time to make Qatar a better place for God's creatures. So here's a few of the organizations. Want more info on the societies and vets? Check out http://www.iloveqatar.net/animalwelfare


#QTip: Do Qataris wear shoes in the house?

#QTip: Do Qataris wear shoes in the house?


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#QTip Time everyone! We know that this might be a big deal to everyone, but we wanted to save your floors from those dirty shoes.

In our culture, you typically take your shoes off at the door when entering a person's home or Majlis (unless the person tells you otherwise). 

We don't get how some people wear shoes while laying down on a sofa. That's just eww!

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#QTip: Cooking for your neighbour (HD)

#QTip: Cooking for your neighbors


Ramadan comes and goes, but you know what stays? Those relationships you build. One of the best ways is to go ahead and cook for your neighbors. It's in our culture to do that to show them that you care. You don't have to know your neighbors to do this either :) Go for it!


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#QTip: What's Taraweeh?

#QTip: What's Taraweeh?


You might have heard of people going to Taraweeh during Ramadan. We thought you'd like to know what it is :)

Visit http://www.ramadan.qa for tents and events happening in Qatar.

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#QTip: Why do you hear drums banging? The Mesahar

#QTip: Why do you hear drums banging? The Mesahar


You might have been woken up before the crack of drawn wondering why someone's banging drums outside.

That's actually someone doing a public service. He's usually walking around chanting and banging a drum to let people know that this is their last chance to eat before the crack of dawn. 

It's beautiful and sometimes you'll see younger kids following an elder and learning how it's done. 

Want to learn more about Ramadan? Visit http://www.ramadan.qa :)


#QTip: 5 ways to greet people in Ramadan

#QTip: 5 ways to greet people in Ramadan


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We're back! In this episode, we're teaching you 5 ways to greet people in Ramadan :) 

Now you're armed with a new vocabulary that'll put a smile on people's face this month! Awww yissss!

Level: easy

1- Ramadan Mubarak

2- Ramadan Kareem

Level: medium

3- Kul am wa antum bi-khair.  (Antum is plural, int is singular male, inti is singular female)

Local Qataris create program to share Qatari culture with expats

A group of Qataris behind iLoveQatar.net have launched a series of webisodes called QTips. The show aims to share 'Bite Sized Qatari Cultural Tips' so that expats can get a crash course on Qatari culture and etiquette.