Qommunity Voices

QV: In conversation with H.E. Sheikh Saif Al Thani

In this week’s ‘Qommunity Voices’ ILQ features Sheikh Saif Al Thani, Director of the Government Communications Office. HE Sheikh Saif Al Thani addresses the importance of media, government transparency, and more. Read on to find out more! Join us every other Thursday as we share stories of Qatar’s diverse residents and how they’re trying to make it an even better place.

8 New Reasons To Be Tuning In To ILQ

What’s new with ILQ you ask? Well…how much time do you have? (We kid, we kid!)  But seriously, you may have noticed that there have been some big changes happening with Qatar’s Friendliest Community, as we’ve upped our content game and have expanded to include a host of brand-new daily web series, columns and more! We thought it was high time we broke it down for you, so click here to read on!


Qommunity Voices: The face behind the Faces of Qatar

Despite Qatar’s size, its dense population consists of a diverse melting pot. What better way to show Qatar’s cultural diversity than to capture and share the faces of an assortment of ethnicities? ILQ spoke with Mohammed Ismail, the innovator behind the Faces of Qatar, and got the opportunity to learn about his riveting journey and the inspiration behind his project. Read on to find out more about his story!

Qommunity Voices: Cycling for charity

In this week’s Qommunity Voices write-up, we feature Abdulla Al-Hammadi, an ardent member of Qatar Cyclists and someone who really cares about giving back to both the Doha community and communities in other parts of the world. Read on to learn more about his cycling ventures!

Qommunity Voices: Getting to know a Qatari cartoonist

Do you know much about Qatar’s local creative scene? ILQ had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Abdulaziz Yousef, a Qatari cartoonist, and found out more about him and the community of cartoonists in Doha. Read on to learn more about his story!