#QTip: Why do Qatari girls wear funky/fancy shoes?

QTips: Why do Qatari girls wear such funky shoes??


Do you have questions about Qatari girls' shoes? What does it mean when they're wearing heels? Or sneakers? Flats? Watch our latest QTip to find out! 

10 Key points from the Emir's CBS 60 Minutes interview

The Emir's interview with Charlie Rose on CBS' 60 Minutes was broadcast early this morning. In case you missed it, here are the 10 main points the Emir made during the interview. 

#QTip - How Qataris get married - what's a melcha?

QTips: How Qataris get married - what's a melcha?


How does a Qatari man propose marriage to a woman? It's not exactly what you would picture when you hear the word "proposal." You gotta ask her dad first! But more on that in the video. Also find out how the marriage is celebrated, who's invited and all that good stuff! 

How does marriage work in your culture? Let us know in the comments below! 


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ILQuiz: Test your knowledge of basic Qatari Arabic words/phrases!

It’s time for another ILQuiz! This time we’ll be testing your skills on basic Qatari Arabic words and phrases!

Qommunity Voices: Cycling for charity

In this week’s Qommunity Voices write-up, we feature Abdulla Al-Hammadi, an ardent member of Qatar Cyclists and someone who really cares about giving back to both the Doha community and communities in other parts of the world. Read on to learn more about his cycling ventures!

French Visa for Qataris in 48 hours

If you are wondering where to go for this year’s summer vacation, then France might just be the place. To boost visitors to the country, France’s ambassador in Doha Eric Chevallier launched a new fast-track Visa system for nationals.

The Qatari on the plane

I was gearing up to come home to Qatar from Dubai.  I boarded the flight and foun

Saudi Arabia executes Qatari, 3 nationals

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia executed a Qatari and three of its own nationals on Tuesday, bringing to 68 the number of people it has put to death this year.


All about a Qatari Wedding

by: Noor Odeh

Have you ever wondered what it’s like at a Qatari Wedding? Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect at a Qatari Wedding. 

71-year-old Qatari contracts MERS after visiting Saudi

The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) yesterday confirmed a new MERS-Middle East Respiratory Syndrome- case in Qatar, the first reported this year, after a gap of more than 10 months.