Hunters of the sky: Qatar’s falconry tradition

With the first International Falcons and Hunting Festival underway this week at Katara from September 20-24, 2017, ILQ has partnered with Laura Wrede, conservation advocate and one of Qatar’s first female falconers, on the first in a two-part series exploring the traditions of this ancient hunting practice. Click here to read on!

QToons explores the dark side of social media in Qatar

If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind our picture-perfect lives on Instagram, then this is the QToons edition for you, as Temsa7 comics’ Abdulaziz Yousef explores the rift between the real and the fake in our social media-obsessed society. Click here to view!

In The Glow Qatar: How to stay fashionable and ethical at the same time...

Ever wondered about the baggage that comes with fast-fashion? As our clothing gets cheaper, the environmental and social cost of the lower price-tag increases! So to all those Doha fashionistas who are conscious of this, it’s imperative we pay attention to the consequences of our fashion choices. Click here to learn more!

Things To Do in Doha: September 17 - September 24

Happy Sunday everyone! Here’s our weekly Things To Do in Doha! Check out ILQ’s listings, we guarantee they'll be worth your while! Read on to find out more!

ILQ Competition: Win a QR 500 voucher to shop in IKEA!

Is there something you've been hesitating to buy at IKEA? Hesitate no more, because you can win a QR 500 voucher to shop in IKEA in our latest competition! Click here to find out how to enter! 

#QTip - How Qataris get married - what's a melcha?

QTips: How Qataris get married - what's a melcha?


How does a Qatari man propose marriage to a woman? It's not exactly what you would picture when you hear the word "proposal." You gotta ask her dad first! But more on that in the video. Also find out how the marriage is celebrated, who's invited and all that good stuff! 

How does marriage work in your culture? Let us know in the comments below! 


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Qatar Post unveils new chapter — revamps brand and services

Qatar Post has finally unveiled their long awaited new brand identity! Read the article and see all the new stuff they have in store for you! 

ICYMI on Twitter: HH Sheikh Tamim visits Turkey & anti-Qatar conference flops

This edition of Tweets of the Week has a little bit of everything in store -- from fashion and satire, to politics and hurricanes (again?!). Find out what had the Twitterverse buzzing right here!

#QatarEvents: Giving thanks to Qatar's workers with the Summer Cool Campaign!

A look back at Qatar's 2017 Summer Cool Campaign!


The 2017 Summer Cool Campaign saw the community unite to show their thanks and love towards Qatar's blue collar workers who are building our city under the heat. Click for our video re-cap that's sure to lift your spirits!

FEEDeology: Bringing restaurants and foodies together in an innovative way!

For this week’s ‘Startup of the Week’ we feature FEEDeology, a local digital startup that makes your dining experience in Qatar even better than usual! Read on to find out more!