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Dine Out Doha - This Espresso Cube Latte has us thirsting for real

This espresso cube latte recipe will have you thirsting for real!


Find out how to make this ultimate summer refresher! Click here to watch.

False claims of checkpoints & protests in Qatar circulate in UAE

New developments in the GCC crisis’ media campaign against Qatar saw UAE-based broadcaster DMI – Dubai TV air false allegations of clashes with protesters and checkpoints across Qatar as a result of speculated unrest. Click here to learn more.

ILQ Competition: Win a surprise item from Al Anees Electronics!

Gaga for gadgets? Well, now’s your chance to grab some swag courtesy of Al Anees Electronics! We’re giving away 3 surprise electronic accessories – 1 each to 3 lucky winners! Click here to enter!

#QTips: Can Qatari Men Marry Non-Qatari Women???

QTips: Can Qatari men marry non-Qatari women?


Well? Haven't you always wanted to know? Click here to watch the Season 4 premiere and having your burning questions answered! 

Eid Al Adha 2017 will most likely fall on Friday, September 1

With the Eid Al Adha holidays approaching, Qatar Calendar House has announced that the first day of Eid Al Adha will probably fall on Friday, September 1st! Click here to read more!

Innocent Thoughts: Qatari Children Share Their Love For Qatar

Innocent Thoughts: Qatari children share their love for Qatar


In a tribute to the nation, Qatari children speak out about the love they share for their country in a special video project by Maryam Al Subaiey. Click here to watch!

Arabic 101: Top 10 words to know while living in Qatar!

Always fancied learning Arabic but somehow never find the time? Well, seeing as we’re living in Qatar, why not try your hand at learning the local dialect? Here are our Top 10 Arabic words you should master to help you embrace the culture! Click here to read on.

ILQ Competition: Win 2 VIP Tickets to the Doha Comedy Festival!

The Doha Comedy Festival is hitting the stage as part of the Qatar Summer Festival on September 3, 2017 at QNCC – and we’re giving away 2 VIP tickets for 1 lucky winner to rake in all the laughs! Click here to enter and read our exclusive interview with comedian Maz Jobrani!

ILQ Competition: Win 2 tickets for Aqua Park Qatar’s Ladies Day!

Ladies, now’s your time to make a splash! We’re giving away 2 entry tickets for one lucky lady and her friend to enjoy an afternoon at Aqua Park Qatar for their newly re-launched Ladies Day. Click here to enter!

How Qataris handled the Siege - Teaser

QTips Season 4 teaser: How Qataris handled the siege!


More than two months into the siege that is the GCC crisis, Mr. Q and The Qatari Guy have resorted to desperate measures to keep putting out the awesome QTips content you know and love! Click here for some laughs!