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New to Qatar? Here are some top expat tips to help you get settled!

If you’re contemplating moving to Qatar, or have just made the move and are learning to adapt to your new surroundings, here are some tips to getting settled from former long-time Qatar expat and blogger Ms. Hala! Click here to read on.

We're 'BUGGING' out over these bizarre Korean snacks!!!

The ILQ Test Drive BUGS out over bizarre Korean snacks!!


Can we stomach these freaky finds from Korea??? Click here to find out!

The Mondrian Doha is now open!

Leading global lifestyle hospitality company, sbe, introduces Mondrian to the region with internationally-acclaimed culinary concepts, one of the grandest ballrooms in Qatar, and the largest ESPA spa in the world! Click here to read on!


Qatar’s getting a seaside market at Ruwais Port!

Mwani Qatar, the nation’s ports management company, announced today that a new port market is slated to soon open to the public at Ruwais Port! How cool is that? Click here to learn more.


Qatarna TV wants you to meet the people of Qatar!

A new, locally-based video channel is showcasing Qatar to the world by introducing the people who live here, both locals and expats, to a global audience in a celebration of our diversity. Click here to learn more!

QToons gets nostalgic with childhood in Qatar

In this week’s edition of QToons, Temsa7 cartoonist Abdulaziz Yousef explores themes of childhood – the influences of growing up in Qatar and how some things change, while others remain the same…Click here to view the gallery!


Starting today you can now rent bikes at MIA Park!

Qatar Museums announced on social media that as of today, bike rentals are back at MIA Park! How cool is that? Click here to learn more!

What is Qatar's role in the GCC's economic growth in the near future?

In the wake of the now nearly four-month-long GCC crisis, the economic impact of the diplomatic fallout has been felt throughout the region. Here we explore the ups and downs of how Qatar has fared amidst the blockade, and how it still plays a very important role in the financial future of the GCC.

The week in Tweets: Did you celebrate World Tourism Day & His Highness’s return?

From continuous support for the leadership of Qatar, to the celebration of an historic step in Saudi -- Twitter was abuzz with milestones this week! Click here to read more!


ILQuiz: Are you wise like an Al Reem or clever like an Al Ouwah?

Qatar is rich with wildlife. It has everything from beautiful mammals, to eccentric-looking geckos but, sadly, many of us don’t know a lot about them. Were you always curious to find out which Qatari wildlife matches your personality? Then let our ILQuiz help you solve that puzzle. Click here and we’ll tell you what’s your Qatari spirit animal!