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ILQuiz: Are you wise like an Al Reem or clever like an Al Ouwah?

Qatar is rich with wildlife. It has everything from beautiful mammals, to eccentric-looking geckos but, sadly, many of us don’t know a lot about them. Were you always curious to find out which Qatari wildlife matches your personality? Then let our ILQuiz help you solve that puzzle. Click here and we’ll tell you what’s your Qatari spirit animal!

The 2017 Qatar e-Nature Schools Contest Qualifying Rounds launches this week

Over 250 students from 43 independents schools and 41 private schools from across Qatar will compete at the Qatar e-Nature quarter final rounds, from Sunday, 12 March to Thursday, 16 March 2017

Qatar e-Nature Live Schools Competition Quarter Finals Conclude, 16 Schools Move To Next Round

Sixteen schools from across Qatar have qualified to the semifinals of the Qatar e-Nature Live Schools Competition. Nearly 200 students from 60 private and independent schools participated in the quarter finals which took place over the past week at Newton International School (NIS) Lagoon and Maymouna Independent Primary School for Girls. The semi-finals will take place on Tuesday, 03 May 2016 at Newton International School (NIS) Lagoon.