Qatar Blockade

Dispatches from Dubai: 5 things I’ve learned about Qatar in the wake of adversity

As the GCC crisis and boycott against Qatar reaches its 20th week, as an expat living in Dubai, here are 5 things I’ve learned about Qatar since the blockade began. Hint: It’s a nation with heart, that won’t back down. Click here to read more!


Where did Qatar’s 4,000 new cows go?

In the wake of the blockade against Qatar, 4,000 cows are set to fly into the country to help boost local dairy production. But what happens when they arrive? How will they travel and where will they live? ILQ’s got the answers…

Dispatches from Dubai: I stand with Qatar but I'm not allowed to say it

One UAE resident speaks out on the extent and impact of the media campaign against Qatar in the second installment of our exclusive Dispatches from Dubai op-ed series. Click here to read more!

Dispatches from Dubai: What I miss most about flying Qatar Airways

As the ongoing embargo against Qatar continues by the Saudi-led bloc of nations, it isn’t only travelers in Qatar feeling the sting of re-routed flight paths and fare hikes as a result. In an editorial submission exclusive to ILQ, one Dubai-based resident and former Qatar expat, expresses what she misses most about flying with Qatar Airways since the GCC crisis began. Click here to read more!

How Qatar has come out on top in the GCC crisis

As the GCC crisis approaches the four-month mark, columnist Asad B. explores the challenges and the triumphs Qatar has experienced since the blockade began in an exclusive op-ed feature for ILQ. Click here to read on.