New ‘sin tax’ on harmful consumer goods to soon take effect in Qatar

In a recent announcement, the Qatar Distribution Co. (QDC) is urging customers to stock up on their monthly quota ahead of a new tax increase that’s soon set to see import taxes on alcohol and other selected products double. ILQ brings you the details.


In The Glow: Quick and easy natural brow tutorial!

In our latest In The Glow video, we show you how to get fuller, more natural-looking brows in a minute! Watch our video now and find out the steps behind our short tutorial. 

A tale of two artists: Exploring Picasso and Giacometti at Qatar’s Fire Station Gallery

For the first time in the Middle East, Qatar Museums’ newest exhibition offers a rare look into the artistic relationship of Pablo Picasso and Alberto Giacometti. ILQ’s Rumana Shaikh takes us inside.   

Eataly Qatar shows us why olive oil is nature’s elixir of life

We all use it; we all know it’s healthy for us. But how much do we really know about its origins? Olive oil is as varied in colour, quality, and flavour infusions and is the foundation of all Mediterranean cuisine. ILQ learns more about this staple of Italian cooking courtesy of Eataly Qatar.

U.S. bans electronics on direct flights from Qatar (and 9 other Muslim countries)

Effective Saturday, March 25, 2017, the United States has placed a ban on passengers taking laptops, tablet computers, and other electronic devices on non-stop flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa, citing safety concerns. Find out more below from ILQ’s Wajeeha Malik.

Take a walk down the aisle at the iWed exhibition this April!

The iWed exhibition sets the stage for all things bridal this April! Our very own fashion contributor, Renata Menegaz, gets the scoop! Read on to find out more. 

Video: Mr. Q saves his phone battery, thanks to Siemens

Siemens saves the day as Mr. Q runs out of phone battery! Read on to learn more and watch the video!

GMC Qatar creates unique community-based mural

What happens when you put 2,816 photos together to make something new? GMC Qatar decided to find out in a new digital campaign recently unveiled at Landmark Mall as ILQ’s Wajeeha Malik reports.


ILQ Test Drive: Death by spicy Korean instant noodles!

Watch our newest Test Drive episode as we dare to try Korea’s spicy popular instant noodles! Read on to find out more! 

Doha to host 10th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup this month

Qatar is getting ready to host the 10th edition of the FIG ART World Cup this week, as athletes from across the world fly in to take part in the artistic gymnastics event. ILQ’s Wajeeha Malik has the full picture.