What you need to know about pet import/export regulations in Qatar

Thinking of bringing your pet to Qatar? Or planning to take your pet abroad? ILQ answers all your questions and breaks down the process! 

Meet Our Demands, or Else!

We are back with our first set of demands. That's right, there will be more. So pay attention.

ILQ Pays a Visit to Doha's Very Own Parkview Pet Center

The ILQ team recently visited Parkview Pet Center and learned a lot about its services and facilities! Read on to find out more about its story and message to current and potential pet-owners!

Benefits of owning a cat in Qatar

For those of us who are away from home and family, life in Qatar can be hard without a loving companion. That's one of many benefits of being owned by a cat. Yes. They own you. Not the other way around.

A Quick Guide to Looking After Your Pets in Doha

Here are some tips for those wanting to know more about looking after pets in Doha. It requires commitment, patience, and a whole lot of love!

Love animals? The QAWS may just be your favourite place in Qatar

Many of us in Qatar have pets and they are no less than a family member. However, not all of these cute creatures are lucky enough to find a home. The Qatar Animal Welfare Society aims at the well being of such animals.

#QTip: Taking care of animals in Qatar

#QTip: Taking care of animals in Qatar


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It's time to talk about Animals! A lot of people want to know who they can reach out to when it comes to Animal Welfare. There are loads of amazing people in Qatar that are also volunteering their time to make Qatar a better place for God's creatures. So here's a few of the organizations. Want more info on the societies and vets? Check out


Qatar's Animal Welfare, Shelters, and Vets

Our furry and feathered companions are as much a part of our families as any human folk, and, as we’ve seen on this week’s episode of QTips, their welfare matters. As Qatar’s dedicated community of volunteers, veterinarians, and animal-lovers work towards a better quality of life for our friends on four legs, we at ILQ want to point you in the right direction on where to turn when it comes to taking care of your pet. Here’s our comprehensive round-up.

MIS Elementary Giving Society contribute to 2nd Chance Rescue Qatar

In an effort to help 2nd Chance Rescue Qatar, active elementary students from

Middle East International School supervised by Ms.Mana Kalek and spearheaded

by their school captain;Mitz Calsado held a pet food drive from April 10 to 17,2016