How to dress for Qatar National Sport Day

Still don’t know what to wear? Sports Day has finally arrived but sometimes it is hard to find the best fit for sporty activities and a National Holiday. Here is what we suggest you wear for the day of fitness and workouts.

Check out! ILQ's Work Out Playlist for Qatar National Sport Day

Like many people out there we at ILQ enjoy listening to music while exercising. We thought it would be fun to share some of our tunes with you. Enjoy!

Celebrate Qatar National Sport Day 2016!

With only one day left for the Qatar National Sport day (NSD), various events have been organized for the residents across Qatar by government Ministries, cooperations and  private companies.

What to eat/drink Defore, During, and After Exercise

Eating right can help energize your workout. Which foods are best, here's the list of what to eat Before, During and After excercise.

Before exercise

The 4th Annual Dolphin Energy Doha Dash Was A Big Success

Doha Dash is an organic event based in Qatar.  

Qatar National Sport Day 2016 in pictures!

What you missed, and maybe you didn't, on Qatar National Sports Day.  A photo compilation of all the events, festivities, and excitement that occurred in Qatar on it's National Sports Day.  From the Doha Dash, to Rugby at Katara, and even Olypic Committee the opt

WOQOD Celebrates Qatar National Sports Day-Sponsors Beach Touch Rugby Challenge

As part of its ongoing efforts to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, Qatar Fuel “WOQOD” celebrated the fourth Qatar's National Sports Day (QNSD) through a sponsorship and participation of the “Beach Touch Rugby Challenge”.     Featuring 14 teams, the challenge was held

How to be fit on the Pearl for Sports Day

Everything is prepared now on the Pearl, ready for Qatar National Sport Day 2016. If you are a resident on the Pearl or a regular on the island, then you’d be delighted to know that there are sporty activities organized.