Celebrate Qatar National Sport Day 2016!

With only one day left for the Qatar National Sport day (NSD), various events have been organized for the residents across Qatar by government Ministries, cooperations and  private companies.

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Ooredoo to Host 2016 Qatar National Sport Day Activities at MIA Park

9 February / 8:30 am

Sharaka Sports Day 2016

9 February / 8:00 am

Qatar Olypic Committee: 'Be Olympic' on National Day

9 February / 8:00 am

Wall climbing, family bike rides, a fun run, the 5000 step journey and more fun activities only at Aspire Zone!

Since the issuance of the Emiri degree in 2011 announcing the introduction of Qatar’s National Sports Day, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has been keen to encourage community participation in this important occasion through hosting a unique series of entertaining activities for families and all me

Doha Dash 2016

9 February / 7:00 am