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#QTip: Do Qataris get a free house?

#QTips: Do Qataris get a free house???


We know you're itching to know but were too shy to ask, so we break it down in this episode of QTips! Click here to watch! 

QTip: What's Eid Al Adha?

QTip: What's Eid Al Adha?


Watch as The Qatari Guy breaks it down... Eid Mubarak everyone!

How Qataris handled the Siege - Teaser

QTips Season 4 teaser: How Qataris handled the siege!


More than two months into the siege that is the GCC crisis, Mr. Q and The Qatari Guy have resorted to desperate measures to keep putting out the awesome QTips content you know and love! Click here for some laughs! 

Video: Mr. Q saves his phone battery, thanks to Siemens

Siemens saves the day as Mr. Q runs out of phone battery! Read on to learn more and watch the video!

Fresh video: Staying safe on the road with Siemens

Mr. Q and Charlie are out for a leisurely drive around town and some quality bonding time. Charlie’s pretty excited to be sitting in the front seat, but what really perks his ears up while waiting at that red light is learning how Siemens is at the forefront of traffic technology solutions.

Wednesdays are now the best days of the week!

A hilarious comedy show await those who pop-in to the Doha Comedy Nights.

Come share some laughs with the ILQ team this Wednesday!

Don’t have plans for this Wednesday night?  Well, come join the ILQ team at Jazz at the Lincoln Centre at the St.

QTips: How to greet a Qatari woman?

#QTip: How to greet a Qatari woman?


Ok so we weren't sure how to word this. Some people simply asked, 'How do you say hello to a Qatari?', some asked "How do I greet a woman?", and some straight up asked, "Is it ok to shake hands?".

So here's the answer! Oh and we also showed you the Arabic version of 'psych!'.


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#QTip: Arabic words with Western Origins

#QTip: Arabic words with Western Origins


Alright, we thought you'd like to know some English, Spanish, or even French words that became Arabic words. Yup we do mix up our P's and B's sometimes, but did you every wonder why some of those words sound so similar? Here you go!

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#QTip: Do Qataris wear shoes in the house?

#QTip: Do Qataris wear shoes in the house?


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#QTip Time everyone! We know that this might be a big deal to everyone, but we wanted to save your floors from those dirty shoes.

In our culture, you typically take your shoes off at the door when entering a person's home or Majlis (unless the person tells you otherwise). 

We don't get how some people wear shoes while laying down on a sofa. That's just eww!

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Filmed and Edited by Timothy Carr