Qatar: standing strong and staying positive through the crisis.

Qatar has kept its head held high and stayed true to its values throughout the diplomatic fallout and continues to do so with support from around the world. Read more about the positive attitude amidst this crisis. 

Everything you wanted to know about Ramadan but were too afraid to ask!

Here are the answers to some of the questions you just haven't been able to ask about Ramadan. Now you can show off your knowledge and also know why the people around you do what they do during the holy month every year! 

What you need to know as Qatar's diplomatic crisis enters its second week

Over a week after several countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, some are taking sides while a few others are calling for peace and a resolution to the crisis in the region. Give us a click to read more about what has been happening in the past three days. Also, we'll be keeping you constantly in the loop on new developments as they happen, and keep checking back every other day for our full brief of all need-to-know updates on the crisis. 

6 Things That Have Happened in Support of Qatar

Despite all the crises that Qatar has been facing, it has been getting support from around the world. Check out some of the positive developments here! 

New developments on Qatar's fallout

Two more countries have broken diplomatic ties with Qatar, and the UAE and Saudi have both taken more steps. Find out all the latest on the issue. 

Qatar Airways arranges charter flights for stranded passengers

Read the latest statement from Qatar Airways after the diplomatic fallout yesterday. 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 3

Saudi Arabia deports camel and sheep belonging to Qatari herders, Turkey begins to import food by sea, new information is released about QNA hacks. Read more about the progress in Qatar's crisis as its third week comes to a close. 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 2, the crisis continues

As Qatar enters the third week of its diplomatic rift with several countries, find out how both sides are moving forward. Saudi and its allies continue the blockade and plan to draw up a list of grievances while Turkey sends food and calls for a quick resolution. Read more, here! 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 2

Qatar market stabilizes, Qatari spouses allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, Israel backs GCC, and more updates from the last two days. 

Ford Recreates Historic March to Aqaba with Global Truck and SUV Lineup

Ford is recreating one of the most daring and memorable military campaigns in history, employing its built Ford tough truck and unstoppable SUV lineup to follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia across the desert. One hundred years ago in today’s Jordan, T.E.