Forget ‘New Year, New Me’! It’s time for ‘You 2.0’!

2016 was one intense year, but let’s ditch some of the cliché trends associated with a change of year.

Ready, steady, GROW! Plant care in Qatar

To all flower enthusiasts, tree huggers and ILQ readers with a green thumb; here is your guide to maintaining happy, healthy plants even in the hot summers of Qatar!

5 Alternatives to boring sports to try during Ramadan

Aren’t you bored of the sports that are overdone or just not entertaining? There are plenty of activities to keep you fit and energized, but some might not even be very effective, and if they are, they are mentally draining, as they don’t give you the variety you are craving.

The Choice of A Lifetime - Healthy Food Options In Qatar

A guide to help you make wiser decisions when it comes to changing your lifestyle.

VLCC Wellness - a personalised plan to help you lose weight

When you move to Qatar you often hear rumours and murmurings about the ominous "Doha Stone" - a creeping and irreversible 7kgs that sneaks into your life and rests visibly on your waste and hips

HMC Organizes Health Exhibition in Tarik Bib Ziad School

 Doha, 4 January, 2015: As part of its efforts to encourage Qatar’s young population to lead a healthy lifestyle, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently organized a health awareness exhibition at Tarik Bin Ziad Independent


Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, Doha, Doha

World Diabetes Day: What you should know

Today is World Diabetes Day. Support someone you know who has diabetes by wearing something blue, or by trying to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle! Read on for more information!

#BBF at Belgian Cafe InterContinental Doha