Labor law

Emir finalizes new law to protect domestic workers in Qatar

This new law aims to protect the rights and benefits of domestic workers in Qatar and was issued just yesterday. Read on to find out the details. 

Working in Qatar? Here’s how you can protect your rights

Work troubles? Fret not, there are a number of guidelines and rules in place to help protect employee rights in Qatar. If you’re experiencing any kind of abuse or maltreatment from your employers, find out how you can report them!

Labour law changes ‘by early next year’

Qatar, host of the 2022 football World Cup, yesterday pledged to introduce new legislation to replace the “kafala” sponsorship system and improve conditions for migrant workers by early 2015.

Qatar minister: Labor law revisions expected by year-end

Changes to Qatar’s Labor Law, including a provision to pay workers their salaries directly into their bank accounts, could be made by the end of this year, the nation’s labor minister has suggested.

Qatar’s hiring process: what you need to know

Businesses are crucial to keeping our country moving forward, but what happens when the process to hire and work has more costs than it does benefits? ILQ explores why such regulations are in place and the costs that come with them.