ILQuiz: Are you sweet like Karak or strong like Qahwa?


Do you love drinking Karak or Qahwa? Both could easily be considered Qatar’s bold national beverage -- each with their own unique flavour profile. But, have you ever wondered which drink matches your personality, big and bold or sweet and subtle, then take our ILQuiz to find out!


How much of a Karak addict are you?

For some, we can’t start the day without it. For others, our day revolves around it. Whether you sip only sometimes, or your glass is always half-full, there’s no doubt that creamy, spicy-sweet Karak served piping hot is Qatar’s national beverage of choice. So, what would you do for a good brew? Take our ILQuiz and find out!  


A Tea Lover's Heaven - Tea Leaves Stores in Doha

The people who are really into tea know that finding the best loose leaf teas or the best pack of leaf tea is all about giving you the best experience of having a simple, yet wonder, cup of the aromatic beverage.

ILQ's Top 5 Karak in Qatar!

For anyone new to Qatar, Karak is a popular drink that can be consumed at anytime of the day. ILQ's Angel Polacco ranks the best Karak spots in Doha.

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