Google explains why Palestine isn't labeled in Maps

Services like Google Maps have not just functional but symbolic importance, as a bug on a map of Israel has proved. A Gaza City journalism group spotted a change in the way Google represented Palestine on a map of Israel, causing outrage on both mainstream and social media in the Middle East.

Kerry Calls on Qatar and Turkey to Gain Release of Israeli Soldier

Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday urged Qatar and Turkey to use their influence to secure the release of an Israeli soldier who apparently was captured in Gaza shortly after an announced cease-fire w

Why Qatar's intervention won't help end the Gaza crisis

Weeks of brutal Israeli strikes on the heavily-populated Gaza strip have seen a number of political actors come forward to present a cease-fire plan.

Qatar’s stance to mediate in inhumane Israel-Palestine conflict and its humanitarian aid to Palestinians

In this on-going 14-day crisis, Israel and Hamas have increased their attacks, costing many lives, especially the ones of Palestinian civilians.