ILQuiz: Which fast food place in Qatar should you plan your next cheat day meal?

So you've been good all week and now you're ready to loosen your belt and go on an all-out splurge! Let us help you plan your weekend binge with our ILQuiz where we tell which iconic fast food place in Qatar you should go to on your cheat day! Click here to find out!

ILQuiz: Are you sweet like Karak or strong like Qahwa?


Do you love drinking Karak or Qahwa? Both could easily be considered Qatar’s bold national beverage -- each with their own unique flavour profile. But, have you ever wondered which drink matches your personality, big and bold or sweet and subtle, then take our ILQuiz to find out!

ILQuiz: Can you identify these works of art around Qatar?

Qatar is quickly becoming a centre for art and artists in the region. From local creators to renowned international art-world names, Qatar offers a space for everyone to showcase their talent. But how well do you know these art installations dotted throughout Qatar? Take our ILQuiz and find out!


ILQuiz: Answer these questions and we’ll tell you your Arabic name!

So, this one is for all the expats out there! Have you always wondered if you had an Arabic name, what it would be? Well, you’re about to find out! Take our ILQuiz and we’ll give you one! It’s as easy as clicking here!

ILQuiz: Answer these questions and we’ll tell you where to eat next in Qatar!

Are you always confused with where to eat next? There are so many options to choose from! But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Answer the following questions and we’ll figure out where you should eat next.

road rage

ILQuiz: We ‘drive’ you mad to find out how bad your Doha road rage is!

Chances are if you’ve spent any length of time in Qatar, you’ve either experienced or been guilty of a little bit of good ol’ road rage. But how extra are you when it comes to expressing your feelings behind the wheel? Take our ILQuiz and find out!

ILQuiz: Are you wise like an Al Reem or clever like an Al Ouwah?

Qatar is rich with wildlife. It has everything from beautiful mammals, to eccentric-looking geckos but, sadly, many of us don’t know a lot about them. Were you always curious to find out which Qatari wildlife matches your personality? Then let our ILQuiz help you solve that puzzle. Click here and we’ll tell you what’s your Qatari spirit animal!

ILQuiz: Are you more Vimto or Tang?

Okay, so there’s no doubt that Karak is the national drink of Qatar – BUT if there was a close runner-up, it’d be either slinky-smooth Vimto, or power-punchy Tang! Click here and take our ILQuiz to find out which side you fall on!

Hamad Al Amari

Answer these 8 questions and find out which Ghutra style you are!

Are you fascinated by all the different styles of Ghutra? Do you lay awake at night night and wonder if you’re more cobra or trimba? If so, then stop thinking and do this quiz. We’ll tell you which way you should flip that Keffiyeh!


How much of a Karak addict are you?

For some, we can’t start the day without it. For others, our day revolves around it. Whether you sip only sometimes, or your glass is always half-full, there’s no doubt that creamy, spicy-sweet Karak served piping hot is Qatar’s national beverage of choice. So, what would you do for a good brew? Take our ILQuiz and find out!