Things To Do in Doha: August 13 - August 20

Happy Sunday! There’s a lot going on this week! Check out ILQ's event listings! We guarantee they'll be worth your while! Read on to find out more! More event updates to come!

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 10

Find out the latest happenings of the GCC crisis here! 

Things To Do in Doha: August 6 - August 13

What’s happening in Doha this week? From summer entertainment festivals to Bollywood nights, art exhibitions to comedy festivals, we’ve got you covered! Our events list will be out every Sunday. Keep following ILQ for more event updates and information! For more information visit 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 9

The latest updates in the crisis include Qatar signing a 5 billion euro navy vessel deal with Italy, and calls for Saudi Arabia to lift Hajj restrictions on Qataris. Read the article for more! 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 6

In latest news regarding the Qatar crisis, new information has been discovered pointing towards evidence about the hacking of QNA, and diplomats from France and the US have been visiting the Gulf in order to encourage talks and a resolution to the crisis. Read the article to find out more! 

Viral Car Video Real Message

The viral car video was fake


Remember that viral car video which was making rounds on social media? Some believed it was a real thing and some believed it was a fake! Check out the real message behind this video!

GCC Crisis: Week 4 — what's happened since the "demand list"

Here's what has happened after neighboring countries issued a list of demands ten days ago, as a price for lifting the blockade on Qatar. 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 3

Saudi Arabia deports camel and sheep belonging to Qatari herders, Turkey begins to import food by sea, new information is released about QNA hacks. Read more about the progress in Qatar's crisis as its third week comes to a close. 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 2, the crisis continues

As Qatar enters the third week of its diplomatic rift with several countries, find out how both sides are moving forward. Saudi and its allies continue the blockade and plan to draw up a list of grievances while Turkey sends food and calls for a quick resolution. Read more, here! 

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 2

Qatar market stabilizes, Qatari spouses allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, Israel backs GCC, and more updates from the last two days.