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Mama Baba Ganoush shows you why you NEED to visit Australia!

ILQ Globetrotter: Exploring the Land Down Under with Mama Baba Ganoush!


Mama Baba Ganoush returns to her home country of Australia to introduce us to the people, places, and culture that make up the great Down Under! Oh – and we can’t forget about the food! Click here to watch!

QToons shines the spotlight on health in Qatar

In this week’s episode of QToons, Temsa7 cartoonist Abdulaziz Yousef explores themes of health and habits that affect us here in Qatar. Click here to read on!

Qatar first GCC country to gain entry to Enterprise Europe Network

In a landmark move, Qatar’s acceptance into the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) opens doors for increased business trade in Europe. Click here to read more!

Things To Do In Doha: October 15 - October 22

There’s loads on the go to keep you busy in Doha this week and we’ve rounded up some of the top events to tickle your fancy in our weekly Things To Do In Doha! Click here to check out our full listings for the week ahead!

Qatar Masterclass: The Dish with Dine Out Doha!

Qatar Masterclass: The Dish with Dine Out Doha!


Welcome to Qatar's first original culinary Masterclass series -- The Dish with Dine Out Doha! Click here to check out our very first episode with Chef Fabrizio de Togni of Paper Moon Doha! 

Qatari achievements that have Twitter buzzing!

From pioneering Qataris on the Variety500 list, to a Qatari candidate for Director General of UNESCO, here’s the news that had Twitter lit this week! Click here to read more.

Qatar Guide: Discovering Qatar’s cultural sites and other treasures

Where is Qatar’s culture hidden? Explore the cultural gems of the country during your next visit, or on your weekend off. Where to find the best cultural sites is no secret – but it’s also not as easy as it may seem. However, you’re in luck – ILQ has found the 10 best destinations for cultural discoveries. Click here for more!


GCC Crisis Week 19 – UAE official: crisis fabricated to strip Qatar of World Cup

In this week’s updates, Dubai’s Head of General Security admits that goal of blockade is to strip Qatar of the World Cup, US forces withdraw exercises with Gulf allies over the crisis, and Kuwait says crisis may be resolved by December. Read the article for more.

5 ways you can give back to Qatar’s community

Kindness, a small act that can have a huge impact. We show you how simple actions speak the loudest when it comes to uniting our community here in Qatar. Click here to find out you can do your part!

Qatar's largest residential development Ezdan Oasis is now open!

Ezdan Holdings has announced the opening of the first phase of the one million square-metre Ezdan Oasis compound! Do you want to rent at Qatar's largest, most state-of-the-art property? Click here to learn more!