“Doha-proof” your makeup this summer!

Are you tired of your makeup getting cakey and oily this summer? With skyrocketing temperatures, have you been tempted to give up using makeup altogether? Don’t worry, because ILQ has some tips that will help your skin look and feel light and fresh without having to let go of your favourite makeup products!

Temperature hits 48C in Qatar

How to prevent and treat a heat stroke

Among the many illnesses and health conditions that people face in summer, heat stroke or sunstroke is one of the most serious.

Summer Fashion - Look Hot AND Stay Cool

In Doha people may find it hard to both look good and not suffocate from the extreme heat. It’s totally understandable that there’s a certain way to dress, and not to dress, particularly in adherence to cultural and religious norms.

Weather forecast for Eid al-Fitr holiday

All warnings are expected to be cancelled on Sunday, though fresh to strong winds are likely offshore northward during the rest of the week.

A windy and hot day forecast

A maximum temperature of 45C is expected in Al Khor today, followed by 44C in Doha, Mesaieed and Wakrah.

Doha to sizzle on Wednesday, with 41 degrees forecast

The maximum temperature will be 41C in Doha, 39C in Al Khor and 38C in Wakrah and Mesaieed. On Tuesday, the maximum was 41C in Turayna and 40C in Doha, Al Rayyan, Sheehaniya, Batna and Karana.

Windy and dusty conditions forecast

Strong winds, dusty conditions and low visibility are expected in some places today, the Qatar Met department has said. Offshore areas, too, are likely to see strong winds and high seas (up to 7ft) towards the north in the early hours today.

Tuesday to be hot, windy

The mercury level is likely to reach as high as 47C in the Al Khor area and hover around 45C-mark in several other places, including Doha, according to the forecast.

Sweltering weather to continue through August

There is no respite in sight from the sweltering conditions as high humidity levels are expected to continue next month.