Holy Month

7 Days of kindness for a reflective Ramadan

It’s the beginning of the last 10 days of Ramadan! Have you been especially kind this Holy Month? Spiritual rewards for good deeds have never been this grand. Let’s have a look at the last 7 acts of kindness for you to complete during the holiest days of Ramadan!

Ramadan insights: Who is exempt from fasting?

There are many misconceptions about who fasts during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and who doesn’t. Who is exempt from fasting? What are the reasons for not fasting? Does every Muslim fast, no matter the health consequences? Definitely not. Instead of listing everyone who must fast, ILQ explores those who don’t have to, or are even prohibited from fasting during Ramadan!

How to stay healthy and fit while fasting this Ramadan

As we welcome the annual celebration of Ramadan, ILQ helps you find out how you can stay active, healthy, and avoid over-indulging around all those sweet temptations on offer! So give us a click and read on!  


Flavours of Ramadan at the Four Seasons Doha

There’s no shortage to be found in Doha of lush and lavish Ramadan tents where you can break your fast at iftar, or linger with family and friends at an elegant sohour. However, there are those select few standouts that you just can’t help but find yourself returning too throughout the Holy Month. Case in point? The Four Seasons Doha. Click here to read our full review!

How expats embrace Ramadan in Qatar

Whether you’re a Muslim who’s observing Ramadan, or a non-Muslim expat learning more about its traditions for the first time, Qatar’s diverse community embraces the Holy Month in a variety of ways. ILQ’s Wajeeha Malik shows us how we all can celebrate in its customs.  

Your weekly acts of kindness for a benevolent Ramadan

Can’t get enough of ILQ’s acts of kindness for Ramadan? Want to try to master them all, together with your friends and family? Or, are you simply challenging yourself to be the very best and kindest? Click here for our second week of good deeds you can be practicing this Ramadan.


Can you pass our Ramadan knowledge test?

Do you know everything there is to know about the Holy Month? What does the word ‘Ramadan’ mean? Or, what’s the answer to the ultimate question of Ramadan? How well do you know your cycles of the moon? Click here for ILQ’s fun facts about Ramadan – you may just learn something new!

ILQ’s complete guide to what changes during Ramadan

The holiest month in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is an auspicious time throughout the Muslim world. In Qatar, with it’s large expat population, this means that people from many diverse walks of life have the opportunity to share in and experience its traditions. For those who are experiencing Ramadan in Qatar for the first time, ILQ’s Wajeeha Malik brings you some insights on what you need to know when it comes to elements of daily life that change throughout the Holy Month.

Ramadan.qa: Your complete guide to Ramadan in Qatar!

With the start of the Holy Month coming up this weekend, ILQ is proud to announce the launch of this year’s Ramadan.qa website – the official site of Ramadan in Qatar. Want to learn more, click here and make our sister site your trusty guide to the Holy Month!

Ramadan expected to begin on Saturday, May 27

Qatar Calendar House announces that the Holy Month of Ramadan will begin on Saturday, May 27 – a day later than many have anticipated. Click here to learn more!