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Runway Wrap-Up: A Look-Back At The 4th Lagoona Mall Fashion Week

From the hottest trends for spring, to the latest looks in bridal couture, the 4th Lagoona Mall Fashion Week ticked all the boxes for catwalk style and glamour. ILQ’s In The Glow was on-hand with our resident fashionista Renata Menegaz to bring you the highlights.

Seven days of couture at Lagoona Mall Fashion Week

April is a full-on month for fashion, as ILQ In The Glow's resident fashionista and couture contributor, Renata Menegaz, found out at the launch of the Lagoona Mall Fashion Week on Sunday, April 23! Here’s a short sneak peek of what to look forward to!

In The Glow gets to know Turkish superstar Meryem Uzerli!

Turkish superstar Meryem Uzerli launched her fabulous new cosmetic line, in collaboration with Middle Eastern beauty retailer Wojooh, in Doha last week. ILQ had the chance to have a quick chat with the star of Muhteşem Yüzyil, getting the scoop on what inspired her, future acting roles, and what to expect next in her beauty line. ILQ’s fashion expert Renata Menegaz reports.

In The Glow: The secret behind Korean skincare

Our latest In The Glow episode showcases the before and after of using Korean face masks! Korea is popularly known for its beauty and skincare products. In our new video we take you through ILQ beauty expert Leena’s routine skincare regimen for the day. Find out more details behind the products used and pro-tips from Leena herself!

In The Glow: Quick and easy natural brow tutorial!

In our latest In The Glow video, we show you how to get fuller, more natural-looking brows in a minute! Watch our video now and find out the steps behind our short tutorial. 

Fresh video! In The Glow presents: How to pack like a pro

Welcome to ILQ’s newest show where we follow our passion for fashion. If it’s on-trend, you’ll find it on here. For our pilot episode we’re excited to introduce our very own resident fashionista Renata Menegaz as she shows us how to pack smart for a winter weekend getaway!