Qatar will not give up: Dr. Khalid Al Shafi

Leading journalists of the country last night unanimously observed that blockade imposed against Qatar by three Gulf countries had backfired miserably failing in creating any negative impact on Qatar and its economy.

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 2, the crisis continues

As Qatar enters the third week of its diplomatic rift with several countries, find out how both sides are moving forward. Saudi and its allies continue the blockade and plan to draw up a list of grievances while Turkey sends food and calls for a quick resolution. Read more, here! 

Qatar’s Tourism Sector Resilient as Products, Source Markets Diversify

Growth in first 5 months of 2017 comes from stopover passengers, nationals of Europe and the Americas

Bahrain detains Qatar sympathiser

Bahraini authorities have detained a citizen for sympathising with Qatar on social media, the attorney general said Wednesday, after authorities warned that sympathising with Doha was tantamount to a criminal offence.

Majority of flights operating as scheduled: Qatar Airways to add 24 new destinations

Qatar Airways’ operations to and from its Doha hub are running smoothly, with the vast majority of flights operating as scheduled.

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 2

Qatar market stabilizes, Qatari spouses allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, Israel backs GCC, and more updates from the last two days. 

Saudi Arabia blocks access to Qatar's beIN Sports

In a latest incident in which Saudi Arabia banning or blocking everything Qatar in order to stifle the voices ranging from theology to sports, beIN Sports was blacked out to Saudi Arabian fans.

Britain calls for lifting ‘blockade’ on Qatar

Britain has urged Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, to ease a blockade of Qatar and to find an immediate solution to the impasse through mediation.

GCC Crisis Updates: Week 1

In an ebb and flow of political moves, Qatar’s diplomatic crisis has become more widespread. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have labeled a number of Qatari names and organizations as ‘terrorist’, Turkish President expresses steadfast support for Qatar, and more developments from the region and around the world.

Ministry of Economy and Commerce move will boost local dairy products

Efforts being made by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) to popularise Qatari dairy products through social media platforms are expected to go down well with the residents.