WHO calls for tax hike on tobacco in GCC

By Joseph Varghese/Staff Reporter

Confirmed: 5 % VAT in UAE from January 1, 2018

The GCC has confirmed that it will bring in VAT at 5 per cent on January 1, 2018.

GCC-wide entry ban on deported expats

Expatriates deported from a member country of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) cannot enter any other member states.

The GCC countries have begun applying a law that bans foreign workers deported from any of the six member states from entering the other member countries.

GCC plans passports for camels

A camel entering Qatar from a neighbouring GCC country will need a passport and a microchip embedded in its body for identification.

This is to ensure that camels infected by corona-virus (MERS) are not let into the country.

Unified tourist visa system in GCC likely

GCC countries plan to start their much-touted joint tourist visa system by first targeting expatriates as beneficiaries.

Expats blamed for visa trade

Those involved in illegal visa trade are mostly expatriates rather than locals, a senior government official said in Doha yesterday.

Gulf states’ ambassadors to return to Doha soon, says Omani minister

The ambassadors of three Gulf states withdrawn from Qatar over a diplomatic spat in March could soon return to Doha, the Omani Foreign Minister has told a Qatari newsp

GCC expats may work in any member-state

A study is being conducted at the level of GCC labour ministers to see if it is feasible to allow expatriates to move freely in the region and stay and work in any member-country.

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