Qatar: standing strong and staying positive through the crisis.

Qatar has kept its head held high and stayed true to its values throughout the diplomatic fallout and continues to do so with support from around the world. Read more about the positive attitude amidst this crisis. 

The ILQ Test Drive tries Made in Qatar products!

What food shortage!? In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive the team tries Qatari products! There are a lot more than you might think. This is one of our more special episodes where we spotlight Qatari culture and homegrown produce.

What you need to know as Qatar's diplomatic crisis enters its second week

Over a week after several countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, some are taking sides while a few others are calling for peace and a resolution to the crisis in the region. Give us a click to read more about what has been happening in the past three days. Also, we'll be keeping you constantly in the loop on new developments as they happen, and keep checking back every other day for our full brief of all need-to-know updates on the crisis. 

Why the Qatar vs. South Korea World Cup Qualifier is a game-changer for Qatar

Qatar produced the goods and re-opened the Russian box at last night’s match – but boss Fossati quits. ILQ’s sports analyst John Hunt has the insights.

Look at what the World did for Qatar! MUST WATCH

FRESH VIDEO: Look at what the world did for Qatar!


We called and the world answered. From throughout the country and across the globe, people have sent in their video submissions to ILQ expressing their solidarity for this nation that many of us call home -- Qatar.

Watch as faces young and old, near and far, share their feelings, hopes, and support for Qatar in its time of need. Qatar, we stand with you.

Qatari Narratives: How the Gulf dispute impacts the lives of ordinary people

In a heartfelt opinion feature, Ali Al-Ansari weighs in on the current Gulf rift effecting Qatar and its residents. Read on to find out more about what he has to say.

Why Garangao is one of Ramadan’s most one-of-a-kind celebrations

Marking the mid-way point of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Garangao is one of the more unique Gulf traditions, where festivities, games, gifts, and treats for children are doled out to celebrate their achievement at fasting. ILQ’s Rumana Shaikh breaks down the Top 5 customs of Garangao , which will fall on Friday, June 9, 2017, and tells you which activities you can look forward to this weekend!

Show your love for Qatar, send ILQ a video message

ILQ requests all residents and citizens of Qatar to share their very own personal messages about their experiences living here in a creative and meaningful way. We want to show the world what the people of Qatar are really about and how we really feel. Send us your video messages! #IStandWithQatar. Read on to find out more details! 

Qatar has a plan for food supplies, so you don't have to stock up!

The State of Qatar has a plan for food products and their movement in the wake of today's diplomatic fallout events! So there's no need to stock up!

Qatar to soon introduce income and value-added tax

In an effort to improve revenues across the Gulf, income and value-added tax will soon be rolled out in the GCC sometime next year. These will mostly have a direct impact on businesses, but cost of living is projected to increase. Read on to find out more!