Doha’s Underrated Local Cafeteria Scene

Local cafeterias offer affordable and delicious items! Check out our list.

A tempting taster of Ramadan at the Ritz-Carlton

On Tuesday the ILQ team attended the preview of the Ritz-Carlton legendary 1001 Arabian Nights Ramadan experience. Here is what we thought about it.

Take a peek at the best events in Qatar this week

From fun events of food and dance to more serious ones, there are events happening all over Doha. Take your pick from ILQ’s list of events for the week.

Eat and snack outside, while it's still nice!

What’s better than enjoying the few breezy days before the summer heat outside sipping ice tea, coffee and lemon mint? Eating outdoors is an experience in itself, that you can indulge in during April and May.

Neo's New Menu is all set to Impress

Looking to satisfy your cravings for delectable Asian food? Neo can definitely accommodate! The ILQ team tried out Neo’s new menu and enjoyed every dish! Located on Salwa Road across the Nissan Showroom, Neo emanates a casual yet sophisticated vibe. Lovers of sushi and Thai curries, you should certainly head down to Neo and indulge your tastebuds (caution: they may be on fire after).

Debs W Remman

By Angel Polacco


Best Indian Food in Town

Time for another Top 10 and this time it is for Indian Restaurants! Tired of having to find the ones that are truly fantastic and magical? It isn’t about how much you spend or how big the restaurant is.

The New DoubleTree Hotel - Stunning Views and Cozy Nights

There is a new Hotel in Doha, which has been running for just under 1 year. Luckily, the ILQ Team was invited to find out more about the new Hilton Hotel in New Salata.

ILQ Review of Idam Restaurant

A choice of excellence.