Ramadan insights: Who is exempt from fasting?

There are many misconceptions about who fasts during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and who doesn’t. Who is exempt from fasting? What are the reasons for not fasting? Does every Muslim fast, no matter the health consequences? Definitely not. Instead of listing everyone who must fast, ILQ explores those who don’t have to, or are even prohibited from fasting during Ramadan!

Ramadan health-link: How to fast safely when you have diabetes

For those living with diabetes, the Holy Month of Ramadan poses its own set of challenges. Is there a safe way to observe your fast while managing your diabetes? ILQ sat down with Dr. Abdulla Al Hamaq, Executive Director of the Qatar Diabetes Association to find out!

Introducing Kids to Ramadan

In the midst of all the festivities of Ramadan, how the children in the house respond and how to introduce about Ramadan to them, will be a challenge faced by parents all over the world.

Activities Everyone Can Partake in During Ramadan

Both non-Muslims and Muslims should avail of this month in terms of bridging cultural gaps. We’ve come up with some ideas of things to do for both people who fast and don’t fast.