‘Dependent children do not require exit permit’

The option to apply for exit permits for expatriate male children above 18 years was found to be missing on the Ministry of Interior's (MoI) Metrash2 application.

Project to fingerprint expats at entry points

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Stereotypes from expats that Qataris find distasteful

Qataris reveal some weird and crazy stereotypes that expats have towards them. Read on for more information! *updated*

Qatar’s population declines 6% in July

Qatar’s population saw a decline of 6 percent month-on-month in July. The country’s population was over 2.3 million by July-end, declining by 6 percent month-on-month from June 2016.

Expats use seven times less water than Qataris

Water consumption per capita by expatriates is seven to eight times less than that of Qataris.

Official estimates for 2015 show that while an expatriate used an average of 82.2 cubic metres of water in a year, the figure for nationals was 600.5 cubic metres.

‘How will the 2015 UK Budget changes affect your rights as an expat and a guide to saving and investing offshore’.

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More recreation and less work for some in Qatar

The average Qatari spends barely a tenth of his day on income generating activities, while an expatriate slogs two-and-a-half times more.

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Expats moonlight as Ramadan working hours cut

With the reduction in working hours during Ramadan, some expatriates use their spare time moonlighting to augment their daily income, it has been learnt.